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Josilac® classic

Josilac classic silage inoculantTURBO-EFFECT


  • Rapid decrease of pH level
  • High protein protection
  • More sugar and lactic acid for fast and effective safeguarding of silage quality - included in Josilac classic and Josilac grass


Elaine Araújo

Product description

Biological silage inoculant for the treatment of silage
Premium product for best silages

Product advantages:

  • very high concentration of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria and highly effective enzymes

Your benefits:

  • best silage quality even under difficult conditions through a rapid decrease in pH (Turbo Effect)
  • high flexibility
    • wide range of application (dry matter 25-40%)
    • for various types of forage, e.g. grasses, legumes
Main range of application
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Josilac® combi

Josilac® combiJosilac Icon

Organic silage additive for treating ensiled material. The all-rounder.

  • Universal application
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to use

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