Silage management

Nowadays, silage inoculants are an important component when it comes to obtaining the optimal silage. Learn more about the application and the benefits you have when using ensiling agents. Read more about grass and corn silage or have a look at our video gallery!

Man preparing for ensiling, standing on the field

Silage inoculants

Man and woman looking at envelope of Josilac inoculants Feed costs and animal health are directly related to your forage and therefore to the use of silage inoculants.

Grass silage

Tractor harvesting grassYour profit can be significantly increased with the optimal grass silage.

Corn silage

Tractors and trailers harvesting corn at duskCorn silage is one of the most important feeds in dairy cattle farming.

Video Gallery

Tractors and trailers harvesting grass at duskWatch practical videos about silage inoculants and silage here.

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